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International jewelry designer is acknowledged as one of the glittering stars of the jewelry world. Her works have been shown at many of America's top fine jewelry and better department stores, as well as international jewelry exhibitions. In addition to creating outstanding jewels crafted by her master goldsmiths, Ms. Cheng's executives skills have long been employed in every facet of the jewelry industry, both in America and abroad.

During her early years she was an executive corporate officer at San Francisco oldest and most trusted estate jewelry business. They also made money loans secured by fine jewelry. Her position allowed Ms. Cheng to rise in prominence in the estate and fine jewelry pawn broking industry throughout the world. Through these connections she has built a buying network that allows her to purchase estate pieces from dealers and pawnbrokers at prices well below market; and she is known to offer those pieces at well under replacement cost.

Any jewelry sold by Eva Y.P. Cheng, be it one of her own lovely creations or an estate piece, assures your customers wonderful jewelry and wonderful value.

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